Content Creation for Travel Brands

Collaborate with a team of travel content creators who are local experts in their city.
Build out your branded content library with travel videos, inspirational photos, and best of blog posts.
Repurpose your assets across your brand’s digital media channels.

Make your brand a content destination. (Content Creation Travel)

It’s no secret that the world’s leading brands in travel and hospitality are building their own media channels to attract more attention. Today’s consumers don’t just look at brands as companies they buy something from, they see them as a source of inspiration for the lifestyle they are aspiring to live. Building your brands content library is essential to capturing the mindshare of your target consumers. From Blogs, to Instagram accounts, to YouTube channels, Digimix creates unique, experience-centric assets that can be repurposed in any of your brand’s digital media channels. We go beyond the capabilities of other agencies by helping our clients integrate their brand assets from YouTube, Instagram, and other social media platforms into a unified destination. Transforming their blogs into full-scale content hubs, and skyrocketing engagement on their wholly owned platform.

What We Can Create (Content Creation Travel)

Sponsored Posts
Motion Graphic Instagram Stories
Instagram Grids
YouTube Vlogs
Travel Sizzle Videos
Travel Guides
Best of Blog Posts (Listicles)

How It Works (Influencer Marketing Fashion Travel)

  1. Tell us about your brand and upload your logo or brand guidelines.
  2. Choose your Platforms you would like to be published on.
  3. Select the tiers and number of influencers you would like to include in the campaign.
  4. Choose which Types of Content you would like your influencers to create.
  5. Set which type of Offer you would like to make and the value.


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