Digimix Influencer Marketing Programs offer more than just sponsored posts. Engage your audience with a range campaign from co-branded collections to social takeovers to promoting destinations and launching new products & services. Digimix works with Brands, PR and Ad agencies to streamline the Talent sourcing and management side of the collaboration, allowing Influencers to focus on what they love: creating engaging content and communicating with their fans.

Influencer Video Production

Influencer marketing campaigns for YouTube, IGTV, and Pinterest Video. We believe in storytelling that drives human connection. Digimix’s delivers highly engaging social-first branded video content tailored to your brand’s identity, audiences, and goals.

Influencer Marketing for Fashion Brands

Digimix has organized a hand-picked team of select influencers for fashion brands. Get the best-in-category representation for your brand. With a combined total of 5 million followers and over 1 billion annual impressions, Digimix delivers micro-influencer campaigns at scale. We work with brand marketing teams to develop holistically-informed strategies for each campaign. Our influencers produce … Continued

Influencer Marketing for Travel Brands

Digimix has organized a hand-picked team of select influencers for travel brands. Our travel influencers are local experts, providing insider travel intelligence for over 40 cities in the United States, and popular destinations throughout Europe and Latin America. Get the best-in-class representation for your brand. With a combined total of 5 million followers and over … Continued

Collaborate with a handpicked team of influencers. (Influencer Marketing)

Every influencer on Digimix’s roster has gone through an in-depth vetting process over a period of at least 90 days. We do not simply look at creative talent and engagement metrics. Our influencers are also evaluated on their reliability, communication, and professionalism. This helps ensure that we serve our clients with quality standards. 

Setup the right influencer campaign to reach your goals. (Influencer Marketing)

After working with a wide range of brands from around the world on influencer campaigns, we’ve structured three types of campaigns that achieve the goals of most brands. Custom engagements are available by request for proposal.

  • Paid
  • Gifting
  • Events

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Connect with your audience where they are most attentive. (Influencer Marketing)

In today’s digitally connected world, your audiences attention is fragmented across many channels. That’s why at Digimix we take a platform-agnostic approach to digital marketing strategy, reaching the right consumer where they are most attentive.

Hassle free campaign management workflow. (Influencer Marketing)

We’ve executed and participated in hundreds of influencer campaigns. We know what works and what distracts. Digimix’s influencer campaign workflow is simple and effective. Campaign deliverables and brand guidelines are clearly communicated and easy for influencers to follow. Proposals, logistics, assets collection, and deliverable verification is all streamlined into a concise process. Giving our clients full visibility into campaign progress, and saving the time-drain on one-off emails.

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